Environmental Protection Policy

In support of the following commitments in the Operating Policy to protect the environment from harm, CessCon Decom’s statement for promoting environmental protection is:

‘Providing safe, environmentally responsible, fit-for-purpose and cost-effective decommissioning solutions’

Recognising environmental protection as being one of the highest corporate priorities, CessCon Decom encourages our employee’s environmental awareness and, where relevant, will:

  • Improve corporate practices and environmental performance, taking account of applicable legislations, industry practices and codes, technical solutions, customers’ requirements and community expectations;
  • Use and take voluntary steps where possible and appropriate to improve environmental performance at all times;
  • Motivate and train employees to conduct and perform all activities in an environmentally responsible manner to protect the environment;
  • Operate, design and assess all work and operations performed to include considerations regarding equipment, efficiency of energy and material use, and best available technology to minimise and reduce adverse environmental impacts and waste generation;
  • Ensure that residual waste is disposed in a safe and responsible manner and only use approved facilities for the receival of all generate waste;
  • Reuse or recycle used materials whenever economically possible;
  • Conduct and support research where possible on environmental issues associated with all the activities CessCon Decom perform both onshore and offshore;
  • Develop, improve and maintain emergency preparedness plans in conjunction with emergency requirements, and relevant communities and authorities consistent with applicable legislations and good practice;
  • Promote and adopt these principles to all relevant suppliers, subcontractors and encourage them to, where appropriate, improve their practices to make them consistent to those of the CessCon Decom;
  • Promote public relations and foster open dialog with employees, the public and relevant authorities.
  • Anticipate and respond to concerns relating to all potential hazards and impact of all company operations;
  • Measure and record all environmental performance, conduct regular environmental audits and assess the required and legal principles with all relevant information published internally and externally;
  • Maintain client and other interested parties’ confidence in the integrity of our operations by openly reporting our performance