Quality Policy

CessCon Decom aim to be a leader in performance & business excellence and shall consistently provide value and satisfaction via its products and services through excellent leadership, continual improvement, employee development & recognition and social responsibility.


CessCon Decom works systematically to satisfy the client’s needs. The fundamental policy for client relations is to provide the agreed quality of service, on time and on budget. Representatives from CessCon Decom must behave with sincerity and honesty and, through their behaviour, encourage clients to enter a mutual relationship of trust. Such relationships are created through communicating the company’s values and by listening to client’s options and wishes.


We demand management and employee commitment and accountability

A fundamental CessCon Decom value is that quality and productivity is achieved by providing employees the opportunity to utilise their full potential. Communicating clear objectives, performing specific tasks, recognising performance, increasing responsibility and internal advancement are important measures to ensure that these objectives are achieved.


CessCon Decom have requirements regarding our supplier’s performance and management. Personnel and companies contracted to provide services for CessCon Decom must comply with our procedures and contribute to achieve our objectives.

Quality Objectives

CessCon Decom shall set the quality objectives of the business. Project quality objectives shall be identified in the relevant Project Quality Plan.

Quality objectives will be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timebound (SMART) and consistent with this Quality Policy.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) shall be established for CessCon Decom’s organisation and separately within the projects. KPI’s shall be utilised to monitor our progress towards a variety of objectives.


We will undertake appropriate review and evaluation to measure quality performance against customer requirements, identified standards and regulatory & legal requirements, and to ensure compliance with this policy.